Hi, I’m Kate


I’m a mindfulness teacher, wife, mum and stepmum and I am determined to make the world a calmer, happier place. The world is a fast moving and often stressful place. It is my intention to help people to literally stop and smell the flowers. To take time to appreciate the little things and to really enjoy their time here.


I work with schools and organisations teaching relaxation and mindfulness and also give talks and presentations to groups, businesses and charities. 


Can I help you?

Become the Force


Kate is currently working as a trainer with the Become the Force team. This movement it using the philosophies of the Star Wars films to teach spirituality, life skills and much more. In her role with the Church of Jediism she teaches mindfulness and supports students on their journey. 

Calmer Classrooms

Kate spends most of her time working with schools delivering mindfulness and relaxation training to teachers and students. Her Calmer Classrooms resources are used in schools around the world and she is a passionate advocate for positive approaches to mental health in schools.

Women of Spirit

Kate is delighted to be a contributing author in the new book Women of Spirit by Susie Mackie. It is a collection of stories written by real women and Susie has take portraits of all the women to go with their stories. Buy your copy here: Women of Spirit

Inspiring and totally unique approach. Highly recommended. Love the positive energy and what Kate is teaching here.

Theresa Cheung

Best Selling Author, Theresa Cheung

Once in the presence of Kate, physically or virtually,  you will experience healing in one way or another…be prepared.

Dipti Tait

Hypnotherapist, The Cotswold Company

Hi, I’m Kate, I’m a mum, wife and mindfulness advocate. I work in schools to promote positive mental health and created Calmer Classrooms to help schools deliver this content.

Recent News

National Nothing Day

ational Nothing Day, did you even know that was a thing? Well, it is and it is celebrated every year on 16th January. Incidentally my son would heartily disagree with this premise because today is his 9th...

Mindfulness in Sickness

hen you are ill it is easy to let all common sense go out of the window. However, it may just be the most important time to put your mindfulness skills to the test. Being mindfully ill ensures that you recover...

Mindful Advent Calendar

Why would anyone need a mindfulness advent calendar? December can be a stressful month for many people. The pressure to be happy and cheerful. The endless tasks; shopping, decorating, Christmas parties, cooking, wrapping... it can all get a little...

Women of Spirit Video

ometimes a project comes along which is so inspired that you just need to be part of it. When Susie Mackie got in touch to tell me about her Women of Spirit book that's exactly how I felt. This book is real...

Why I decided to Become the Force…

Star Wars is the perfect fable for teaching a modern generation about the importance of a good moral code. How your decisions can affect your whole life and even explain universal energy and quantum physics. All that in a series of sci-fi films/books, who would have thought?

Women of Spirit Photoshoot

Last week I was privileged to meet the lovely Susie Mackie. We have been talking for several months and exchanging emails about her wonderful book, “Women of Spirit” which will be released in November.

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