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“Kate is lovely, approachable and wants the very best for the children”

Mrs J. Seabright (Deputy Head and Y6 teacher, Alexandra Park Junior School, Oldham)


Kate BeddowHaving worked in education for many years I have seen how the job has changed. How your priorities, as a teacher, have been squeezed. Statistics and assessments have overwhelmed much of teaching and learning. As a qualified holistic therapist and teacher, I have used my experience to create lesson plans, and training sessions for you, so you can teach your students about the importance of good mental health. By giving them mindfulness and relaxation tools to help them deal with the pressures of assessment, you give them the tools to navigate life with calm and focus, and their results will improve too.

Using a combination of breathing exercises and mindfulness techniques, it is possible to improve everyone’s mental health in just 5-10 minutes a day. Having worked with children, and as a teacher, for over 20 years, and experienced the many sides of education first hand. I have witnessed an alarming rise in the number of teachers and pupils suffering from stress and anxiety. I have dedicated myself to helping schools with their emotional health and wellbeing.

 “Full of calm inspiration. She has a magic that you will only understand if you meet her!”

 Dipti Tait (Mum and Hypnotherapist)

Tranquil Teachers

  • How can you do your job as a teacher to the best of your ability if you are one of 67% who are reporting that their job has negatively impacted on their mental or physical health*?
  • To make things even harder 40% of teenagers are experiencing the symptoms of stress. Children as young as 6 years old are being treated for mental health issues
  • I can give you, and your pupils, the necessary skills to thrive and survive in the modern world.

Give your school a chance and give everyone access to the tools needed for life long stress management.

TeacherI am passionate about caring for you. I have created a thriving community on my Facebook page where there is always a fun discussion going on.

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This is what Julie had to say about the community:

“I find Kate’s Facebook page a fabulous place to visit with a wealth of advice and information on living a healthful and fulfilled life.  She’s an inspiration and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her”


I work with teachers to help them stay well and enable them to have time for themselves so that they can do the best job they can do. Teachers care about their pupils. But, their professional commitment and often mean that their personal life suffers as a result. With stressful workloads, pressure from every angle and a constant feeling of juggling life and work, our teachers need help.


Lisa Williams“Kate, I am so proud of you and what you have created. Not only are you helping children, but you are helping educate the children, which we all know is the most important thing. Thank you for helping make the change in a world that needs healing, and where better to start than with the kids! Keep up the fantastic work!!! Lisa xx”

Lisa Williams – Internationally acclaimed psychic medium (
 * Source BBC NEWS March 2015 –


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