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Calmer Classrooms

Calmer Classrooms

If you are looking for mindfulness resources for your school please visit:

Become the Force








If you are looking for more information about Kate’s role as Jediist Trainer for Become the Force please visit:

Women of Spirit

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Please keep checking back to find out more about Kate’s contribution to the amazing new book “Women of Spirit” by Susie Mackie.

Inspiring and totally unique approach. Highly recommended. Love the positive energy and what Kate is teaching here. Theresa Cheung

Best Selling Author, Theresa Cheung

Once in the presence of Kate, physically or virtually,  you will experience healing in one way or another…be prepared. Dipti Tait

Hypnotherapist, The Cotswold Company

Hi, I’m Kate, I’m a mindfulness trainer and creator of Calmer Classrooms. Keep exploring my website to find out more about the exciting projects I am working with at the moment.

Recent News

Why I decided to Become the Force…

Star Wars is the perfect fable for teaching a modern generation about the importance of a good moral code. How your decisions can affect your whole life and most importantly explain universal energy and quantum physics. All that in a series of sci-fi films/books, who would have thought?

Women of Spirit Photoshoot

Last week I was privileged to meet the lovely Susie Mackie. We have been talking for several months and exchanging emails about her wonderful book, “Women of Spirit” which will be released in November.

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