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 “I’m so grateful for the little bit of happiness in my inbox each morning!” – Fern Hunt (Primary School Teacher)


 Are you feeling exhausted or overwhelmed?

Do you feel alone and like no one understands?

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and breathe… is a monthly membership which supports you on your journey every day.

When you join “and breathe…” you will get:

  • A daily message of encouragement, relaxation techniques, a weekly mantra and strategies to help you start your day with a smile and help you through the day, and build a personal mindfulness practise.
  • Access to a supportive, members only, Facebook group where you can safely share your current struggles and be supported by both me and other teachers who understand
  • Regular Facebook Live videos to address any issues which have come up in discussions in the group
  • A growing library of relaxation resources you can dip into whenever you need a little more support.
  • Access to me when you need that extra bit of support
  • To be part of this brand new community and help me to make it whatever you need it to be!

All this and little extra gifts at random intervals to put a smile on your face for just £10 a month!


Sign up and take control of your life now!


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I know what it feels like to wake up and not want to get out of bed. To be on the brink of tears from morning til night, and to be so overwhelmed by emotions that you feel like you are drowning. I battled with depression very early on in my teaching career and managed to find strategies to overcome it. I can help.

It’s time to make a change. You deserve more.

Sign up and take control of your life now!

If you want to feel valued, supported, cared for, uplifted, positive, and generally calmer and happier, “and breathe…” is for you.


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What others are saying about my work:

“I’ve struggled a lot this week…your morning messages of love have meant a lot! Can’t wait for more ❤👍”

“Thank you for your generosity by sharing such a great resource”


“Your words about not being failure meant a lot as that’s what I’ve been battling in my head”


“Once in the presence of Kate, either physically or virtually, you will experience a healing in one way or another…be prepared!”


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