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“The children really enjoyed the session. They have simple techniques to use, especially in the lead up to the SATs”

Mrs Jennifer Seabright, Y6 and Deputy Head, Oldham

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I love giving teachers the strategies they need to tackle their own stress levels, and the anxiety and stress their pupils may be experiencing.

Are concerned about yourself or a colleague?

Do you just want to give your children the life skills they need to leave calm and mentally strong lives?

I can help.


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I offer a range of services. From Staff INSET sessions to early years techniques to help keep our youngest children calm and everything in between. If there is something you need help with then get in touch. What is important is that we are caring for everyone in our schools. From the Headteachers down to our smallest nursery children. We must keep stress at a healthy level, and enable everyone to feel happy about going to school every day.

My most popular sessions by far are my SATs relaxation lesson and my Staff Wellbeing INSET but these two issues are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to emotional health issues in schools.

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In order to enable me to help as many teachers as possible I have created a range of Mindfulness and Relaxation Lesson Plans and MP3s which are very affordable and can be downloaded instantly from my Resources Page.  If you would like to see examples of the sort of techniques used in these lessons there are some free downloadable lesson plans on my blog too which are slightly less detailed but give you a good idea of what to expect.


If you ever have any questions or suggestions to help me to help you create a Calmer Classroom please get in touch and let me know.