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The real Kate Beddow

I help teachers create Calmer Classrooms

With over twenty years experience working as a teacher and with families I know how stressful schools

can be. It is my mission to help create calmer classrooms all over the world. We need focused,

calm environments where teachers can teach and children can learn while supporting each other

on their educational journey.


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Are you sitting comfortably?

Once upon a time there was a dedicated, passionate teacher who loved her job – despite its challenges – and adored the children in her care. Then one day she had a baby of her own. The teacher decided that she wanted to spend time with her daughter while she could and that it was more fun playing peepo than marking books and writing lesson plans. Unfortunately, while the teacher was watching her little girl grow, a nasty tumour was growing inside the teacher’s head. This was making the teacher very tired and making her body ache, so even when her daughter started school the teacher was unable to return to school.

Instead of sitting and feeling sad, the teacher decided to find a way to help all the amazing teachers in the world that wouldn’t make her ill. She needed to find a way to help teachers and spend time in her beloved schools. So she retrained in relaxation and mindfulness and began teaching other teachers how to prevent the children in their care from struggling with anxiety and stress at school, especially during exams. She knew that by teaching young children how to take control of their own emotional and mental health at an early age that it would enable them to be happy and healthy throughout their lives. Magically, the teachers were learning how to keep themselves happy and healthy at the same time as teaching their children and soon the sun came out again in schools and everyone enjoyed spending time in their calmer classrooms.


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