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2021 is almost here!

“2021 has to be better than 2020, doesn’t it?’ this is something I have heard so much recently. For many people, this new year will be an opportunity for new hope of a better year to come. There is a feeling of “out with the old and in with the new” and we certainly need some new after this year. 

I think it is fair to say that noone could have foreseen the events of 2020 and most people who had made plans for this year will, at the very least, have had to adjust and amend them.

Is it even worth thinking ahead to 2021 then or should we just free fall into the next twelve months without a second thought?

I think you know what my answer is going to be!

If you know me, you know that I am a planner. 

I love to plan!

I plan everything. I love nothing more than grabbing a handful of pens and a pile of dotted paper and getting all my ideas out on paper. 

How can we possibly plan for 2021 when we have no idea what it will look like?

Well, I encourage you to plan for things you have some control over; fitness goals, home improvements, hobbies you would like to revisit or take up, changes to the garden, recipes you want to try… It might sound like playing it small, but these are the things that can change your life immeasurably.

I have spoken to so many people who have re-discovered or even discovered, things about themselves this year, that they had forgotten because they never have time to stop and really take stock. 

Re-evaluate and reflect

Most of us will be having a much more subdued festive period than usual. We won’t be having big nights out and parties, we will have time with our immediate family, if we are lucky, and time for reflection and really working out what matters to us.


There are do many ways that we can take time to process the year we have just experienced. Journaling is a great tool for this. Just take a piece of paper and either a pen or pencil and write. Maybe set a timer for 10 or even 20 minutes and write. Don’t filter anything. Just keep writing until everything has spilled out onto the page. 

So often things come out that you hadn’t even realised you were feeling or thinking. it really is a powerful tool.


Setting the intention that you will have a greater understanding of the experiences you have had in 2020 when you meditate can be a wonderful exercise. You may see people, places or memories, you may receive messages in the form of images or words to help you make sense of things or you may just feel more relaxed, which is never a bad thing.

Create a vision board

A great way to collect all the ambitions and dreams you have for the coming year it to create a vision board. Cut images and phrases out of magazines and arrange them on a board on piece of card or foam. Or create a Pinterest board and then create a digital collage. However you create it make sure you put it someone you will see it every day. (I have mine set as my screen saver). Keeping focused on what you want your life to look like is so important.

Have an attitude of gratitude

Starting your new year with a gratitude practise is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Whether it is starting a gratitude journal where you write 3/5/10/20 things you are grateful for every evening, or waking up every morning and listing three things you are thankful for before you start your day, gratitude is a powerful tool. When you focus on the positives, your brain learns to focus on all the good things in your life and everything feels more positive. 


2021: A great big adventure…

None of us ever know how a year will go. We can make plans and dream of things we would like to happen, but there is always a possibility that circumstances will change. Once you accept this then 2021 is no different to any other year, so plan, dream and manifest your best year ever and believe it will happen… 

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