Would you like to ADVANCE in your life?

What if there was an event that would teach you to advance in your life, rather than retreat?

That could not only help you to ADVANCE but leave you feeling, empowered, happy and calm?

That would send you home feeling amazing and ready to tackle whatever you needed to do with energy and excitement?


Does this sound like something you need?

It does? Great!

What if I told you that the Queen of Calm (that’s me!) is getting together with the Empress of Empowerment and the Happiness Hero to create a day of pure magic?

Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?

On Monday 26th November in Telford, UK, I am joining forces with Taz Thornton, the UK’s Number 1 Inspirational Breathrough Speaker, and Jo Howarth, the Happiness Expert, to deliver a day of pure inspiration.

Taz Thornton is a TEDx Speaker, author and extreme empowerment specialist who travels the world speaking, delivering training and showing you how to Unleash your Awesome. Taz is a real inspiration having hit rock bottom and bounced back she is passionate about teaching people to go from breakDOWN to breakTHROUGH.

Jo Howarth is an inspirational speaker, best selling author and founder of The Happiness Club who is passionate about making people happy and spends her days speaking at events and running workshops to make sure as many people as possible are living the happiest life they can.

Then there’s me! Kate Beddow. As you probably know by now I am the creator of the Calmer Classrooms Programmes, Speaker, Mindfulness Trainer with Become the Force (the UK’s training division of the Church of Jediism) and an advocate for mental wellness. It is my intention to reverse the mental health crisis that the world is experiencing at the moment so that we can all remember what life can be like if we are released from that stress and anxiety.

Now do you understand why I’m so excited about this event?

If you are ready to join us for a day of fun and learning, grab your place now.

The cost of the day is just £150 and there’s even an early bird price of just £129.

ADVANCE…because who wants to retreat?

5 Mindful Minutes

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