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Do you want to feel calm and happy every day? 


You do?

“and breathe…” can help even the greyest Monday morning feel brighter. 

If you are looking for an accessible mindfulness programme to fit in with your life you are in the right place.

and breathe… is an 8 week mindfulness course delivered to your inbox every morning in bitesized, manageable pieces.

and breathe

 “I’m so grateful for the little bit of happiness in my inbox each morning!”

Rachel Perry

and breathe...

 Do you want to learn more about this life changing practise? 

This simple 8 week mindfulness based course which takes you through the basics of mindfulness in a fun and relaxed way. 

When you sign up you will receive a short email every day with either a simple exercise, an MP3 to listen to, video to watch or some simple theory to help you understand mindfulness better.

Are you ready to sign up?

 Join the millions of people benefitting from a daily mindfulness practise. If you don’t have time for long courses or it’s difficult for you to leave the house to attend a class this daily quick and easy lesson is perfect for you, and for only £19.99 it’s amazing value too! 

I have been running this course now for many years now and the participants have seen some incredible changes to their mindset.

This course is beneficial to everyone!

Click the button below to start your daily mindfulness course now.

“I’ve struggled a lot this week…your morning messages of love have meant a lot! Can’t wait for more ❤👍”

Fern Hunt

“Simple snippets…good habits”

Loreen Pardoe

What do you get when you sign up?

  • 56 daily emails with information, simple exercises and activities
  • Access to a library of resources to help you deepen your practice
  • Exclusive MP3s and videos to help you on your mindfulness journey

If you want to feel valued, supported, cared for, uplifted, positive and generally calmer and happier, “and breathe…” is for you. 

Sign up now and begin your mindfulness journey and start feeling the benefit now! 

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