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Calmer parents = Calmer children = Happy life

Does your child struggle with anxiety?

Are they angry all the time?

Do they cry for no apparent reason?

Maybe they are struggling to sleep?

Are a parent who is finding it difficult to stay calm when your children challenge you?

I offer coaching for parents to help with challenging behaviours and situations. Once we have discussed the issue and circumstances I will provide a custom care plan. This may include recommendations for activities to do with them, relaxation strategies, routine, diet, healing treatments and much more. This is created just for you and emailed out but I am available to answer any questions and discuss things. Contact me to book your session.


If you are looking for a quick and easy option, you can download my catch all Calmer Kids Pack and get all my general parenting advice about the most common issues faced immediately.  

“I recently downloaded your pack, it was an absolute bargain, such an accessible price but so much value in it”

Whatever your parenting challenge I can help you.

As a parent, step parent, teacher and childminder I have encountered every kind of parenting challenge, usually from several different angles and I have pooled all my parenting advice and knowledge into this pack.

Calmer Kids

My new Calmer Kids pack comprises 8 guided visualisation MP3s and 5 ebooks:

  • Peaceful Parenting, Calmer Kids
  • Back to School – dealing with school anxiety
  • Your Highly Sensitive Child
  • Protecting your family from Negative Energy
  • Affirmation ABCs


My guided meditations are written and voiced by me and the music has all been custom created by the amazing IBMEDIA. The soundtracks not only have beautifully soothing music but also include any sound effects to really help your child be transported to the seaside, on a magical hot air balloon ride or even into space.

Don’t take my word for it though, have a listen for yourself:

Space Adventure

Awareness Meditation

Drift Away


The ebooks are to guide you through the patient parenting process, these are not short ebooks, they are packed with useful, life changing information. The meditations will calm and sooth your child and teach them how to relax and sleep easily using breathing and relaxation. The meditations can be listened to by anyone of any age but are particularly appropriate for school aged children (3-16yrs).

If this sounds like something your family needs you can access all the resources immediately and start creating the calm and peaceful home life you desire for just £50


(Payments are taken securely through Payhip, to find out more please read my Privacy Policy)

“I have just been looking through the content and it is amazing – it is also a fantastic price. Such an amazing resource for families. Thank you Kate Beddow for producing this – there is obviously so much work and expertise gone into this.”
Jo Meakin

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