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Jumping into June!

It's June!  I'm not sure many of us quite understand how that has happened this year, but the calendar says it's June so it must be true. Almost half way through the year and we have spent nearly a quarter of that time in a very strange alternate reality. Many of us...

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Mental health and the Corona Virus

You can't move at the moment without someone mentioning the corona virus (Covid19). It is all over the news, newspaper and of course, social media. As with any big news story there are some who are being very flippant and making jokes about it and others who are...

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Mindful Grief

Grief is possibly the most paralysing of all emotions.  When we experience grief it feels as though the world has stopped and everything is moving too quickly, all at the same time. Physically it can be crippling. The pain we feel when we lose someone we love is not...

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Body Confidence – We’re all on a journey

Body Confidence is a huge issue. We live in a world obsessed with appearance. A world where teenagers believe they need a Snapchat filter to be presentable to the world. We are meant to exude confidence. Yet everywhere we look we are shown images of photoshopped...

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Introducing my hero… my Gran

Why am I talking about my Gran?  Well, I believe it helps you to be your own hero, if we highlight the amazing every day heroes in the world. I will be writing about some of my heroes over the coming months, and also inviting guest authors to share their stories....

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Hero or Shero

I keep hearing people talking about  being a hero or shero. I had never heard the word hero until a few months ago. Is it a necessary word? Before I start this blog I want to make it clear that I believe in equality. I believe men and women are equal, that they have...

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The Benefits of Singing

Singing is good for you.   I know, it might sound ridiculous but when I read a study a few years ago that actually stated that singing can even prolong your life, I wasn't even a little surprised.  I have been singing all my life. I could have written the Abba song...

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Be the change

As the new year approaches it is always good to take time to reflect on the change in your life over the previous year. Every new year brings change and we all start to focus on the what we would like to have achieved by the end of the coming year. There is something...

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Be the hero of your own story

Many years ago now I remember reading the Joseph Campbell quote "You are the hero of your own story" and I remember thinking "wow, yes, of course I am. Who else could be the hero of my story?".  Of course back then I was a naive 20 year old who had had a relatively...

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