Blue Monday

Blue Monday... today is apparently "Blue Monday". Not a day to celebrate my favourite colour but a day when statistically more people feel depressed than any other day of the year. The sparkles and decorations have been put away, the yummy Christmas food is finished...

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ADVANCE – a review

t finally arrived! We finally "ADVANCE"-d in Telford last Monday. After almost two years of planning and dreaming how this event would happen; where, when, what we would cover, it all came together beautifully....

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Thanksgiving – a celebration for the World

epending upon where you are when you are reading this the word "Thanksgiving" will have very different associations. If you are in the US you are no doubt in full flow with your preparations for Thursday; the...

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Under Pressure – a life with Queen

was 5 years old when I first remember being aware of Queen. Sitting on my bunk bed with the window open with my sister and my Dad listening to the playing Elland Road in Leeds. I grew up in a village just...

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ADVANCE: It’s time to make a change

e hear a lot these days about people going on retreats to find themselves, for personal development or to learn a new skill. It seems a strange word to choose, surely none of us want to "retreat" we want to...

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World Mental Health Day

orld Mental Health Day is celebrated on the 10th October every year and although it was founded in 1992 it has definitely been talked about more in the last few years than every before. High profile people such...

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Do you take time to reflect?

eptember is the start of my new year. For as long as I can remember I have worked in academic years. I was at school, the new year started in September, that was when you started with a new teacher in a new...

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Autumn – my favourite time of year for self care

utumn is my favourite time of year. I say that every year, but I know that it's a half truth. I LOVE Autumn. I love warm jumpers, I love new boots and crunchy leaves on the ground. I love the colours, the chill...

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Do you need help changing your mindset?

indset is a word I hadn't really encountered until I was an adult. I wondered whether it was just that it isn't something children discuss or really need to understand. But upon research I discovered that...

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