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Have Yourself a Mindful Little Christmas

Could having a mindful Christmas really be the answer to holiday stress?  Christmas time can be so stressful. There are food preparations, gifts to wrap, cards to write, social occasions, friends to visit, family to visit, traditions to be remembered, the list seems...

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Thriving not Surviving

On the 7th November 2007 my life changed.   I have always been a fighter, and most people wouldn't have known that there was anything wrong with me at the time (apart from my facial changes). I have always been a believer that thriving not surviving is what life is...

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A little help from my friends

Help is a difficult word for many people.  We would often rather struggle alone than admit that we need help and support with a task or situation. I know I am guilty of this, and always have been.  I have had several reminders of this over the last 24 hours...

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Time for a change – why change can be exciting

Change is a word which can induce fear in some people.  There is an assumption that change will disturb, disrupt and be a generally negative force.  I have always tried to embrace change and have actively sought it out throughout my life. I was reminded of this when...

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Mindful Being

Mindful being for me is a daily state. It is my nirvana, my end goal. When we are living totally mindfully we are present all the time and in complete control of all our emotions and senses.  In reaction it is far from a daily state for me at the moment.   My brain is...

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This is me! – Out of my comfort zone

If you have been reading my blog the last few months you will have heard all about my husband's fabulous experiences working with The Real Full Monty team. This incredible group of people came together and have raised well over £30k for KMAC (a cancer charity).  If...

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Life Changing Moments

Three weeks ago an event took place that transformed my life, I suspect forever. What's really strange is that I wasn't really even involved in it.  In my last blog I talked about how important it can be to make the most of opportunities when they come your way. At...

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What could you achieve…?

Do you take opportunities when they are presented to you? Nine months ago an amazing project began. It has changed lives in immeasurable ways and no-one involved could have ever imagined the impact it has had.  My husband, Ian, was chatting to his friend Rich last...

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Blue Monday

Blue Monday... today is apparently "Blue Monday". Not a day to celebrate my favourite colour but a day when statistically more people feel depressed than any other day of the year. The sparkles and decorations have been put away, the yummy Christmas food is finished...

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