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Helping women to rediscover their inner superwoman by using a multitude of empowerment and wellbeing coaching tools is my life purpose. Whether you are feeling anxious, lost or powerless, I will be your wellbeing superhero and guide you to be the hero of your own story.

Healing comes in many forms. I have many tools to help you heal physically as well as mentally. Empowerment and life purpose coaching, mindfulness, meditation, energy healing, teaching and many other holistic modalities.

When you work with me I will combine all the strategies, techniques and gifts I have to help you to move forward with confidence and joy. It’s all about having a heart centred approach and working from a place of deep love for you and everyone around you.


Whether you are looking for help with your physical or mental health I will be there to nurture you and support you on your journey.

Fast, affordable transformation

Work with me every day with my most affordable coaching package. My group coaching community, The Super Woman Life, is the perfect way to work with me if you want to be kept accountable. We work on common issues as well as inspiring you to become the Super Woman you were born to be. Join now to become a founding member and get a special discounted rate.

Super Woman Life

Coaching packages

Ad Hoc Sessions – 60 minute session – £90

For when you need a quick session to deal with a present issue. We will quickly and efficiently focus on that issue and create an action plan to help you move forward.

Discover My Superpower – 90 minute intensive session – £190

One 90 minute session via Skype or in person. This session is designed to help you discover what your real superpower is. Knowing what your true superpower is will give you the confidence to go forward knowing that you can really focus on a life and career that truly nurtures this gift. 

    For when you need a more in-depth focus on one particular area of your life or business or  you feel that your life is lacking direction or you are lacking motivation this session will help get you back on track.

    Be Your Own Superhero – 90 minutes a month – £160 a month (min. 6 months)

    This monthly session, via Skype or in person, of up to 90 minutes will help you not just discover your superpower but learn how to really live your best life.  If you have a deep confidence issues, you lack self esteem, struggle with anxiety or have body confidence issues, these sessions will help you really dig deep and discover the root of the issue. You will also create an action plan to help you move through whatever it is that is holding you back and preventing you from being the best version of yourself.

    If you want to create lasting change, these sessions are for you.

    “Thank you so much. Its lovely to be feeling more positive again, and more myself, albeit with this amazing new calm & clarity.”

    Claire Burchell – Coaching Client

    Discover some of the tools we may use together to empower you and give you the skills you need to achieve your goals.

    Heart Coaching
    Energy Healing
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