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We all have times when we need some support to get us back on the right path. Life can derail us but with some love and heart work we can get back to living our best life and shining our light in the world.

There are many ways I can guide you back to the life you deserve to be living so come on in and let’s make a start.

Healing comes in many forms. I have many tools to help you heal physically as well as mentally. Life Purpose Coaching, Mindfulness, Meditation, Energy Healing and many other holistic modalities.

When you work with me I will combine all the strategies, techniques and gifts I have to help you to move forward with confidence and joy. It’s all about having a heart centred approach and working from a place of deep love for you and everyone.

Whether you are looking for help with your physical or mental health I will be there to nurture you and support you on your journey.

Find out more about the different tools in my toolbox.


Heart coaching
Energy healing
Essential oils

Coaching Packages

Discover My Superpower – 90 minute intensive session – £190

One 90 minute session via Skype or in person. This session is designed to help you discover what your real superpower is. Knowing what your true superpower is will give you the confidence to go forward knowing that you can really focus on a life and career that truly nurture this gift. 

This session is for you if you need clarity and confidence in any of these areas:

  • Parenting
  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Health 
  • Life purpose
  • Self care
  • Personal growth

If you need a quick boost in one particular area or  you feel that your life is lacking direction or you are lacking motivation this session will help get you back on track.

Be Your Own Superhero – 90 minutes a month – £160 a month (min. 6 months)

A monthly session via Skype or in person or up to 90 minutes to help you not just discover your superpower but learn how to really live your best life.  If you have a deep confidence issues, you lack self esteem, struggle with anxiety or have body confidence issues, during these sessions we will really dig down and discover, not just the root of the issue, but also create an action plan to help you move through whatever it is that is holding you back and preventing you from being the best version of you possible.

These sessions are for you if you need help:

  • Claiming your story of origin (accepting your childhood and how it has impacted your adult life)
  • Help with what direction your life or career are taking
  • Learn to embrace your internal arch nemesis 
  • Help discovering your true identity
  • Learn to fly 

When you feel happy and confident your whole life changes and you are able to do things you never dreamed possible.

If you want deep and lasting change, so you can live the superhero life you deserve, these sessions are for you.

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