Hi, I’m Kate

 I’m a mindfulness teacher, wife, mum and stepmum and I am determined to make the world a calmer, happier place. The world is a fast moving and often stressful place. It is my intention to help people to literally stop and smell the flowers. To take time to appreciate the little things and to really enjoy their time here. 

I work with schools and organisations teaching relaxation and mindfulness and also give talks and presentations to groups, businesses and charities.  

If you are looking for my work with schools, please visit my Calmer Classrooms website. 

Can I help you?

Recent News

Taking a leap!

eaping isn't something you will often see me doing I'll be honest! I am trying to do it more often though. Not long ago I wrote a post about achieving your potential which touched on this subject a bit. I have...

Feminism – What does it mean to you?

Feminism. It is a word which means different things to different people. According to definition Feminism is: noun the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men. (sometimes initial capital letter)an organized movement...

The Power of Working from the Heart

am a teacher.  I know that might sound like an obvious thing to say. I spent most of my childhood playing at being a teacher, 4 years training to be a teacher after which I began working in as a teacher in many...

5 Mindful Minutes

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