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All my products are designed to help you live a calm and happy life, to be your own hero. They are downloadable so you can make the change right now. 

All meditations on this site are written by me, Kate, and produced by my musician husband,  IBMedia, to the highest standard.

And breathe… 

If you are looking for an accessible mindfulness programme to fit in with your life you are in the right place. Just 5 minutes of mindfulness a day is proven to make such a difference to your mindset. This 8 week programme gives you simple techniques and teaches you about mindfulness in just a few minutes a day.

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Meditation MP3s

Kate loves creating meditations with her amazing musician husband Ian. Even if you have never tried to meditate before these are simple guided meditations which even the most sceptical beginner can enjoy.

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If you are looking for meditations for your children why not try Kate’s Calmer Classroom meditations.

Calmer Kids

If you are concerned about your child’s emotional wellbeing Calmer Kids is your one stop shop for happier, calmer children.

Comprising of five ebooks and eight guided visualisations this resource covers everything from school anxiety to helping you stay calm when your child is struggling. 

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Change your Mindset and Become the Force

This course is for you if you struggle with anxiety, self esteem or imposter syndrome. It teaches you a range of techniques I have learned over the years and includes exercises and custom guided meditation to help you cope with the dark side when it strikes. 

It is not all Star Wars focused the techniques are widely used in my coaching work but the meditations are a fun Star Wars influenced nod to this popular film franchise.

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Star Wars Mindfulness Course

Kate is the official Jediist Mindfulness Trainer for Become the Force, a UK community which supports the mental health of its members using the Star Wars films as a common theme. Kate was delighted to have been asked to create an online course to make these teachings accessible around the world. 

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Coming in 2020- Choosing Financial Happiness

Kate has collaborated with her best friend and amazing coach and mentor, Callie Di Nello to create a financial course like you have never seen before. This course isn’t all about six figure incomes and living life from a beach in Thailand (although it can be if that’s what will make you happy), it is about true happiness with your finances. 

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Coming in 2020 – Be your own hero

Kate’s signature programme will soon be available online. Be your own hero will be the ultimate guide to discovering who you really are and what you want from life. Once you have worked all that out you will be given tools and techniques to give you the confidence to accept your quest and live the life you were born to live.

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