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Last week I was privileged to meet the lovely Susie Mackie when she visited my office for a photoshoot. We have been talking for several months and exchanging emails about her wonderful book, “Women of Spirit” which will be released in November.

I originally met Susie, as with so many people these days, on Facebook. She was looking for women to feature in her book. When I read the brief I realised that this was the perfect opportunity to get my story out there and raise awareness for acromegaly (a condition I have had for over ten years now).

I am blessed that I meet some wonderful people online and when Susie arrived we instantly felt at ease with each other. There was a very real possibility that we were going to forget the purpose of our meeting. We chatted like life long friends.

We had arranged the meeting to take some photos. The book tales from inspirational women and Susie takes an amazing portrait to accompany their story. I am not happy in front of the camera but Susie put me at ease and took some amazing photos as you can see.

A spirited book launch

I will be going along to the launch of the book in November. I can’t wait to meet all the other women involved in the project and learn about their stories too. It is so important to share our stories. Not just of success but of triumph against the odds. So often we see people succeeding and doing amazing things. We rarely hear of the incredible things they have over come to get there.

I will of course give you lots more information about this amazing book as soon as I have more details. I am honoured and overwhelmed to have been included in this collaboration. Thank you Susie.

*Update* You can read about my adventures with Susie on other occasions here:

The Women of Spirit Video Release

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