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Everyday mindfulness

Are you a Super Woman?

Do you run around rescuing everyone and forget to care for yourself?

Are you always busy and never have time to stop and think about your needs?

If you are guilty of not caring for yourself as well as you care for those around you then this course is for you.

In just 2 hours I will teach you how to implement simple mindfulness techniques into your daily routine which will give you a sense of calm and wellness and leave you feeling refreshed and contented.

Mindfulness has been hailed as the new saviour of mental health for several years now. The techniques are so simple that they can be learned by anyone and more than anything it is about awareness. Awareness of your feelings, of you actions and particularly about your thoughts.

I know that you are busy, but if you can just spare 2 hours to let me share this magic with you, it will honestly change your life forever. 

The session will be run via Zoom so you can even be in your pyjamas with a cuppa while you are learning, that in itself is a couple of hours of self care! 

You have been putting everyone else first for too long, you deserve this time and your wellbeing depends on you making this small but significant change, now. 

*Next date to be announced soon


For just £30 you will recieve:

  • 2hrs online live training
  • Downloadable heart-work book to make notes and help you record the experience
  • MP3 downloads to help you continue your mindfulness practice after the session
  • a certificate of attendance

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