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Be your own hero

Are you truly happy?

All my life I have seen amazing strength, courage and bravery in every single person I have met. Do they ever see this themselves? No, of course not. They all believe that they are just like everyone else. Which of course they are. We all have our challenges, we all have our battles and we have all achieved things and thought afterwards, “I genuinely have no idea how I did that!”.

I’m Kate, a wife, mum and stepmum, life coach, mindfulness and meditation teacher, Calmer Classroom creator, energy healer and every day hero, and I want to help you be the hero of your own story. The world is a fast moving and often stressful place.The busier we get the more passive we can be in deciding our own destiny.  I help people to literally stop and smell the flowers. To take time to appreciate the little things, to believe in their own potential and to really enjoy life.  

If you feel anxious, stressed or as if life is passing you by, I can give you the tools you need to  change your life and feel more fulfilled. 

Are you ready to be your own hero?

Perhaps you have reached a point in your life where you feel like something needs to change. You are at a crossroads or you have a big decision to make but you are unsure which direction to take.

You may have already taken that step but now you are feeling lost or lacking direction.

It may be time to make some small, but powerful changes to you life to help you feel more relaxed, confident and better able to handle all the challenges that life is throwing at you. 

Whatever stage you are at I can help.

Using my unique skillset I am able to look deeper into the situation with an objective but compassionate perspective. I will help you discover hidden issues or thought patterns and assist you in making some decisions and changes which are lasting and truly transformational.

 Whether it is coaching, mindfulness, energy healing or meditation you feel would best suit your situation I can help. I am able to offer all my services online as well as in person so geography is never a barrier to true progress. 

Always strive to be better than you are now  

Our lives change almost daily. Every day you can choose to be the best version of yourself. You can choose to be brave and to accept your invitation to go on a quest, or you can choose to settle for where you are and what you have.   

If you are lacking in confidence, feeling too anxious or you’re too scared to answer the call to adventure you can miss amazing opportunities.  

I can help you to feel radiant with confidence, calm and happy and ready to tackle whatever life offers you.

Answer the call and learn to be your own hero today

Are you looking for a friendly and supportive community to help you in your adventure?  

Why not join my Be your own Hero community on Facebook. This is a new community but it is already growing quickly and there are some incredible members already. 

If you are looking for advice on wellbeing, resilience, courage, self confidence and so much more then click the blue button on the left and start joining in now. 

There is no pressure to participate you re welcome to join and just observe and get the benefit of all the discussions and advice being offered. How much you get involved is entirely up to you.  

I look forward to seeing you there, Kate x


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