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Meditation can be an intimidating word.

Many of us are immediately filled with images of the lotus position and chanting when meditation is mentioned. 

There are many types though and when taught properly, it can easily become something that you are able to incorporate into your life without making any dramatic changes.

I have been meditating consciously for over 20 years. But, was meditating without even realising it before that. I am passionate about the benefits of meditation for physical and mental health.

When we meditate it allows our brain to rest and process all the information we are bombarded with throughout the day.

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But I can’t meditate… 

Comments such as; “I just can’t shut up my inner monologue” and “I’ve tried but I just can’t sit still”. I hear it all the time. I have used meditation as a part of my process for many years and the effects can be mind blowing.

Whatever your barrier to meditation I guarantee I can find a style that will work for you.

Something as simple as sitting quietly with a hot drink can be incredibly meditative, or staring out of a window. Not all meditation involves sitting completely still.

I guarantee that you will have been meditating in some form all your life, you just don’t realise that that is what you are doing. 

What are the benefits of learning to meditate? 

Well, it is proven to lower blood pressure, reduce stress, strengthens your immune system and can even make you look younger.  

Have I convinced you yet?   

During my sessions I may suggest we use meditation as either a method of relaxation or visualisation to help you to construct new ideas and visions of your life. Meditation is such a powerful tool and using it in your life is transformational.


I just want to learn meditation

If you are just interested in learning meditation I am able to provide a thorough consultation in order to establish the most suitable method of meditation for you. Teach you the basics of that and other techniques in just one hour. This session can be booked online or in person. I always tailor the session to your individual needs. Get in touch to book your meditation session. 

If you are looking for someone to teach or lead meditation for a group or workplace please contact me to discuss your needs. 


Looking for guided meditations?  

I have a selection of guided meditations in my shop and am constantly recording new ones so please do keep checking back.

Interested in learning more about meditation?  

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