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The Super Woman Life

When you join this online coaching membership group you will become a key part of a group of amazing, empowered, super women. You will be supported as you gain clarity and turn that into action and growth. Each month we dig deep into a common theme to help you slowly build a full toolbox of skills and techniques and remember who you were born to be. You have access to a range of resources, from workbooks to meditations, to help you and I will keep you accountable every step of the way. 

You get support from me and everything you need to achieve your dreams and all from the comfort of your own home.

Super Woman Life

Imagine floating through the galaxy whilst lying on the cloud. Being beautifully cradled by the cloud and feeling the most incredible calm that allows you to fully connect with all the best parts of you. You feel your whole self glow because you know you are truly wonderful, and all the stars around you celebrate your presence. That’s basically how it feels to be in Kate’s group.

It’s a wonderful safe and warm support group with the perfect pace of self-discovery.

Laura Murphy

Super Woman Life Member

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What do you get?
Super Woman coaching group

“It’s changing my life, cannot express how much I love this group

Super Woman Life Member

I have been blessed to be surrounded by amazing women all my life and one thing I know for certain is that together we rise.

When women come together they support and encourage each other and that is more powerful than anything you can learn in a book, online course, podcast or webinar. Learning alone can be a wonderful thing, but when you have others to bounce off and ask questions of that learning is amplified and so much more effective.

Having spent years leading workshops, group coaching sessions and classes I have seen the power of women working together, helping each other realise their dreams but more importantly enabling others to see their superpowers. So often we can see the amazing gifts others have, but we are totally oblivious to what makes us truly special. By combining my empowering techniques  with a supportive community you will be unstoppable. 

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