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All my lesson plans and resources are comprehensive and accessible to everyone, whatever your experience level.

You can now subscribe to save even more money on my resources including my whole school mindfulness programme, Calmer Classrooms.

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Some lesson include worksheets and MP3s and they all include an assessment form to help you keep track on your pupil’s progress.

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Most of my lesson plans are only £2.50 but you can buy many of them in a themed resource pack and make great savings.


*New Resources*

Beauty and the Beast – A mindfulness and relaxation lesson

You can now download my new Beauty and the Beast Mindfulness and Relaxation lesson plan. This is also now included in the Fairy Tales Pack so you can now get 4 of your favourite traditional tales for only £8:00.

Beauty and the Beast

Rainforest Ramble – A mindfulness and relaxation lesson plan

Rainforest Ramble

Lesson Plan Packs

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Lesson Plans for 3-8 Year Olds


Beauty and the Beast

Lesson Plans for 8-16 Year Olds

Battle of Hastings Midsummer Night's DreamMacbeth

Rainforest Ramble

Mindfulness MP3s

Drift Away Album

This album has all seven of my current meditation MP3s

Individual Meditation MP3s

Release your worries


















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If you have any questions regarding my lesson plans please get in touch. If there are any themes you would like to see me explore or stories you feel would be suitable that I may not have covered already I’m always open to suggestions. Please be aware that I am only able to use stories which are either copyright free (such as traditional tales and Shakespeare) or those which I am able to obtain permission to use (as was the case with the Roald Dahl stories). I would like to express my gratitude for the Roald Dahl Foundation for their permission to recreate any three of his stories for my lesson plans. I loved creating those lessons so much and it was a true honour to be granted permission.


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