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Treat your mind this advent!

Advent calendars are usually sweet treats or some other luxury, but I have created something a little different. A treat for your mind and spirit this advent.

Write Yourself a Merry Little Christmas is an advent adventure which invites you to take a quiet moment to journal and discover new mindfulness strategies every day to help you glide effortlessly through December and have a calm and happy Christmas.

December can be a stressful month but if we take just a few moments a day we can centre ourselves and keep our cool in even the most stressful of gatherings.

Buy this magical advent calendar now to receive this transformational ebook straight to your inbox on 30th November. Maybe you would like to buy a copy for a friend too, just drop me an email with their email address and I will make sure that they get a copy too.

For only £6 you can give the gift of calm this Christmas!

Just click here to buy your Write Yourself a Merry Little Christmas advent calendar today!

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