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I am available to talk about a range of topics, including:

  • The Power of Words – How writing can transform your life and even heal your body.
  • The Importance of writing your life story – How writing your life story can do more than just document your life.
  • Be your own Hero – The importance of  living the life you were born to live and taking every opportunity life offers you.
  • My Life with Acromegaly – How my diagnosis and relative recovery from a pituitary tumour has helped me to have a very different mindset going forward.
  • Energy Healing – The world is waking up to the fact that there are many elements of our universe that we may not be able to see but that can have a mind-blowing effect on your life, including the ancient practise of energy healing. Kate talks about her experiences with this magical practice.
  • Mindful Living – How you can improve your life and wellbeing using mindfulness in just minutes every day.
  • Mental health in the workplace – How not caring for your mental wellbeing at work can impact on your productivity and why employers need to be making resilience and mental wellness a priority. 
  • and much more

If you are interested in me coming to talk at your event you can email:

TEDX Peterborough, Photograph by Vicki Head Photography
Kate Beddow speaker

One of my favourite people offers an insightful look into the power of creative writing linking this to well being. A must view in my opinion…

Carla Whelan

Executive Director of Education at The Marches Academy Trust FCCT

Kate Beddow Comic Con
Kate BeddowTEDx

TEDx Speaker

Doing a TEDx Talk has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. When I was asked to do one in 2020 I was beyond excited, but as we all know, our plans changed dramatically that year. I eventually delivered my talk in 2022 and despite completely losing my voice 3 days before, and a few technical issues which were beyond my control, I am incredibly proud of my talk. Hopefully this won’t be my only TEDx experience.

Please do give it a watch. This is just one of many subjects I am able to speak about.

Well done Kate I loved it…I appreciate how you pulled me into possibility with the combination of story telling, sharing your experiences and research. I loved it.

Jo Ntsebeza

You were the perfect way to close a fab conference, I only heard good feedback.

Rachael Olley


I can honestly say we were visited by a breath of fresh air yesterday, the Mixer’s attention was totally captured by what Kate had to share with us.


Tuesday Mixers Club, Stafford

Our Guest Speaker, Kate Beddow, was very well received by members and guests. They found her talk entertaining, informative, inspirational and occasionally challenging.

Neil Bonner

Speaker organiser Parkinson’s UK, Stafford branch

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