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Inspiring and totally unique approach. Highly recommended. I love the positive energy and what Kate is teaching here.

Theresa Cheung

Co-collaborator on Become the Force

Kate has a wonderful talent and I would recommend her sessions.

Marneta Viegas

Reiki Client, Director Relax Kids

Thank you so much Kate you have brought a positive energy to our group and it was great to see and hear everyone interacting. I’ve already implemented some of the strategies you suggested in today’s morning routine and feeling the benefits already.

Sarah Peter

Member of Terrible Titties

Kate is a remarkable healer… Simply amazing! Good luck to you Kate, just wish you were nearer and we could see you more often x

Shelley Betts

Reiki Client, Little Signers Club

You are a blessing to the planet, Kate, eternally grateful for the joy you bring to the every day experience.

Debra Morse

Reiki Client, Librarian, California, USA

I will be returning to visit Kate quite soon and believe that this awesome experience has been beneficial for both of us both mentally and physically.

Katy Spence

Reiki Client

I just wanted to share that Kate has been an amazing help! I live in Portugal and her wonderful distance healings and wise advices have never failed to help… She is an amazing woman, an inspiration.

Raquel Mesquita

Reiki and Coaching Client, Portugal

“I’m so excited to see you, your beautiful business and your wisdom being shared with the millions who need it”

Leonie Dawson


I am constantly amazing myself at my new skill of giving healing to myself & loved ones after attending Kate’s Reiki I class. I am able to help my youngest son sleep (which is the main reason I attended the class) and have managed to stop pain & discomfort for myself after recent hospital treatment. I still can’t believe it! I’m really looking forward to Kate’s Reiki II class.

Rachael Olley

Reiki Student and Client, CCPA

I have had the most fantastic morning, with the very beautiful and gifted Kate Beddow. Thank you, Kate for being such a wonderful and undertanding teacher.

Sarah Nicholson

Reiki Student

Kate is a very friendly and caring lady that puts you at ease as soon as you meet her.

Julie Wardle

Reiki Client

“Full of calm inspiration. She has a magic that you will only understand if you meet her.”

Dipti Tait

Reiki Client, Hypnotherapist

You always share your thoughts, experiences and knowledge in such a gentle and understanding way. You are one of the most sincere and giving people I ‘know’ and both my professional and personal life would be much less without you in it. Thank you for everything you have experienced that allows you to help us. You are awesome!

Annie Campbell


Ever since I read your ebook about protection from negativity I’ve been doing this every morning for my son and me, and I feel like it’s really working. So thank you so much for sharing this! It’s really amazing, doesn’t take a lot of time and helps so much. 🙂


Calmer Kids Customer

Some people believe guardian angels walk this earth well, I believe Kate is mine. When I first met Kate I was in a bad place emotionally and mentally. She helped to heal my broken heart and spirit, something which I didn’t think was possible. Without her I wouldn’t be the person I am today. 

She is a wonderful person who has a very special gift and I am truly thankful she came and stayed in my life xxx

Victoria Wain

Reiki and Coaching Client

Kate, I am so proud of you and what you have created.  Not only are you helping children, but you are helping the parents educate  the children, which we all know is the most important thing.  Thank you for helping make the change in a world that needs healing, and where better to start than with the kids!

Keep up the fantastic work!!! Lisa xx

Lisa Williams

Psychic Medium and Author

Thank you so much. Its lovely to be feeling more positive again and more myself albeit with this amazing new calm & clarity.

Claire Burchell

Reiki and Coaching Client

I found it relaxing and I was amazed that I could still feel that positive energy through the screen. I felt relaxed and reassured afterwards. I felt that I could make steps forward.

Kim Hodgkins

Reiki and Coaching Client

Kate immediately put us all at ease. Her manner is so open, friendly and caring, and what she says commands respect from her years of experience and knowledge and, more importantly, comes from the heart.

Jen Moore

Reiki and Coaching Client

I watch what you are doing and you are amazing! The love and caring that you share is such a beautiful gift! Keep shining!

Cindy Plume

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