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Writing Therapy

Writing therapy is a powerful technique for dealing with trauma and emotional and mental challenges. It is also used to improve mood and memory. During our sessions I may ask you to write using a prompt or to create a list of something. This is a wonderful way to access thoughts and feelings which may have been buried as self defense but also a gret way to discover ideas and emotions that you may be consciously unaware of. 

When writing for this form of therapy it is seen only by you unless you choose to share your findings with me during our sessions so it is a completely safe space for you to write.

Kate writing

You don’t have to be a competent writer in order to benefit from writing therapy, there is no element of looking at spelling, punctuation, grammar or handwriting, it is merely a therapeutic tool to help you discover your inner emotions and blocks. You also don’t need expensive writing materials (although if you would like to buy a new journal that is of course allowed), as long as you have something to write on and write with you can benefit from journal therapy.

If you would like to learn more about journaling for wellbeing or writing therapy, either for a group or as an individual therapy session, please do contact me for more information. 

A little word bird

The most affordable way to work with me is through my membership programme, A little word told me…

Do you love to write but you never make time?

Maybe you have been struggling with anxiety and you are looking for a way to process it?

Perhaps you were always told you couldn’t write but you have always wanted to find out if that’s true.

My new journaling membership, A little word told me… can help with all of the above and so much more!

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