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All that glitters isn’t gold…

This week I have been reminded that often things aren’t quite what they seem. Often we see a shiny object and go chasing after it, how often does it deliver the way we want it to? Not very many in ny experience.

However, when it comes to writing does your writing have to glitter to have value?

Well, it depends on the purpose of your writing. If you want to write a bestselling novel then your writing probably has to glitter and be eye catching. If you are writing for your own purposes though, it definitely doesn’t need to glitter to have a deep and meaningful impact. 

The last few weeks I have been working through some issues and after many, many hours of journaling I am starting to realise that they are rooted in a time long gone. 

About twenty five years ago I had a very challenging few years, and, partly because I was dealing with some huge emotions but mostly because life was so busy, it is the only time in my life that I haven’t written. 

Throughout my life I have always written as a way of processing my thoughts and emotions. I have written diaries, letters to pen friends and even used blogs to work out my feelings and problem solve. For these few years thought I didn’t. So now, I have emotions popping up that at first I couldn’t process because they seemed unrelated to anything that I was experiencing at the moment. It turns out, they have been triggered by innocent and insignificant things that have happened recently. These issues have reappeared without warning. Now I am struggling to unpack them because the emotions twisted around these challenges are now so distant that it is hard to work through them effectively. 

I spent 3 hours journaling last week tryibg to get to the bottom of what was going on in my head. Then I wrote a Substack article in an attempt to gain more clarity. 

None of this writing was neat, accurately written, some of it was barely legible. It was a stream of consciousness from brain to page. That is why journaling works so well. It helps you to connect to your unconscious in a unique way. 

candle and journal

Was any of it written in a way that other people would enjoy reading? 

Certainly not the journaling! The article I wrote, was far frmo my best work, and i definitely wouldn’t want it in print in that form, but it was slightly more polished.

Did any of it glitter? 

Not in a literary sense, no, but perhaps it would attract someone’s attention. Maybe even help someone who had experienced a similar time of trauma which they didn’t fully process. I didn’t share any of the issues or circumstances in the article, despite digging really deep into my mental archive in my journaling. Despite that, the message was hopefully clear; Always write. 

I made myyself a promise in that article to never ever go so long without writing about my feelings truthfully and deeply again. I don;t ever want to have to pick through such old emotions and try to make sense of them again.

Now perhaps I would hae struggled to process them fully at the time. Maybe they were too raw. But I wish I had been brave enough, and with the benefit of hindsight and maturity I would urge my younger self to find the right moment and just be brave. 

Woman in navy jumper journaling on the floor

Writing in this way does take bravery too. To allow your absolute truth out of your mind and onto the page takes real courage and vulnerability.

If you are worried that someone will read what you have written, you can destroy the writing once you have finished it, but the process of writing it down can really help you understand your inner workings in a deeper way.

Some of the most valuable and significant writing I have ever written is illegible scrawl. It has helped me process some huge emotions though and that makes it more precious than gold. 


How do you do it?

Grab some paper and a pen and write.

It’s really that simple. The important thing though is not to filter what you are writing and to keep writing past the point that you thin you have anything important to say. Keep writing even if you aren’t saying anything important, and eventually things you had no idea were lurking in your brain will start to appear on the page. They might not be what you are expecting to see, they might not be what you are hoping to work through, but they will be important and need you to acknowledge them.

If you are worried that to be a writer, and write consistently means that you have to write something perfect and sparkly. What is important is that you write, not how you write, or where you write. 

If I was to give one piece of advice I would recommend everyone write as often as they possibly can. Every day might not be realistic for you, but maybe you can write three times a week? or even once a week for a longer amount of time. Whatever works for you is great and any writing is better than none. 

Write from your heart, don’t filter and see what appears for you. 


Remember: If you need any support in your writing I am on hand to guide you, to support you with the process or to hold your hand through any really challenging issues that you can’t face working through alone.  Work with me.

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