I am a teacher. 

I know that might sound like an obvious thing to say. I spent most of my childhood playing at being a teacher, 4 years training to be a teacher after which I began working in as a teacher in many schools. But for a long time I couldn’t say it.

In my mind, calling myself a teacher had to mean that I was working in a school teaching classes from 9-3 and working crazy hours planning and marking. A combination of my early experiences of teaching in the inner city with an unsupportive Headteacher and my illness later on in life meant that I knew I couldn’t return to that life. My body wouldn’t allow me to and I didn’t feel like it was the right choice for me.

In my heart I still felt like a teacher though. I wanted to impart wisdom. I still felt drawn to teachers at social gatherings. I felt like I belonged every time I went into my children’s school. Going into schools felt safe and like coming home. 

By the time my daughter was at school and settled I had done all my training in holistic therapies and mindfulness. Every time I visited her school I wanted to offer to do some training or teach the children some relaxation techniques, but something held me back.

When I was teaching full time, only a few years before, it would never have been acceptable to teach the children anything so “new age”, so I suppose I hadn’t picked up on the changing attitudes.

I was delighted when I was chatting to her teacher one day and we were talking about what I was doing now, she knew I had been a teacher because we qualified the same year and had discussed it previously. I explained that I was teaching relaxation and mindfulness and, at that time, still doing treatments. She asked whether I could come in and lead an INSET session for the staff. I was delighted and jumped at the chance. That led to me going in and teaching a lesson the the Y6 class before their SATs and at that moment I realised that I could create the job of my dreams.

Teaching relaxation in schools.

I immediately started creating Calmer Classrooms as a concept. I formalised the lesson I had created for the Y6 class and added it to my website and created a few lesson plans which I offered for free on my blog. The one day I decided to just do it and make the switch from being a therapist who did some work in schools to focusing all my energy on Calmer Classrooms.

I created a downloadable ebook and set up a new newsletter list. Changed the name of my Facebook page and joined a few teacher Facebook groups. Knowing that many teachers get up early to plan on a weekend I woke at 6:30am and shared a link to my free ebook and resources in the biggest teaching group I could find.

I waited.

Would anyone even notice my post?

No-one replied. No-one liked it. I turned over in bed and decided to see what had happened in a little while.

I fell asleep.

When I woke up an hour later I checked the post. Still no-one had liked or commented but I decided to check my newsletter list.

I had 400+ subscribers!

I’d like to put this into perspective for anyone who doesn’t have a newsletter list. I know we hear about people with thousands, even millions of subscribers, but I had just spent 4+ years building my therapy and natural parenting list and I had 273 subscribers!

By the end of the weekend I had over 2000 subscribers. At one point I was literally watching the numbers roll round. It was like magic.

I knew there and then that I was doing the right thing.

Since then I have put all my energy into helping teachers. To say it is my passion would be an understatement. I love doing the other aspects of my work; giving talks, my work with Become the Force, writing etc but helping teachers and helping them to help our children is my raison d’être.

It is my everything.

It gives me so much joy to hear from teachers who have seen their class transform before their eyes from using my resources. Or hear how a class have breezed through their SATs using the breathing techniques I taught them. There is no greater joy than helping people achieve their potential, and staying calm and focused is the quickest way to ensure they do just that.

When you find your life’s purpose. When you really love what you do. When you genuinely care about the people you are working with, it isn’t work. I don’t work, I create and I nurture and I share. I was asked by someone yesterday what I want to achieve. It’s simple. I want to change the education system. I want to be seen by enough people to have the authority to change the current climate in education and really make a difference to teachers and children. Not just in this country but globally. 

“If you do what you love, it’s the best way to relax”

Christian Louboutin


Today I want to ask you, what do you want to achieve?

Who do you want to help? What can you do to ensure that you are working from your heart?

Christian Louboutin said: “When you do what you love, it’s the best way to relax” so find what you love, and do it every day. You will feel happier and more calm than ever before.


If you want to know more about my work in schools please go to www.calmerclassrooms.co.uk.

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