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The power of handwriting

Handwriting has become quite trendy again over recent years.

In the same way that people are returning to paper books after the novelty of the e-reader has worn off for many, there has been a huge resurgence in writing by hand.

You don’t have to scroll through Tiktok for very long before you come across someone doing beautiful calligraphy. Journaling has also grown in popularity. More and more people are returning to pen and paper for everything from communication to events diaries. 

Why are people returning to these old ways?

Well, I think there are many reasons.

We know that when times are hard we find comfort in old familiar things, whether it be foods, objects of habits. When we write by hand many of us are returned to our childhood and a simpler life. It rekindles that carefree creativity we often experienced in our youth, before life became more complicated and stressful.

There is a general trend towards reusing things and not being wasteful and books can last and be enjoyed for hundreds of years and enjoyed by many people.

We are all feeling a little screened out after years now of Zoom meetings and working from home so sitting to relax with a paper book or handwriting a letter to a friend with pen and paper feels more like relaxing and less like work.

More importantly though, I think, is the science behind handwriting.

The science behind handwriting…

As a journal therapist, there are some interesting things which happen when we write by hand. You see, when you sit down to write the left, logical side of your brain immediately starts to work out the exact requirements of the piece; spelling, grammar, construction, content… however, when you allow yourself to write freely, without setting any limitations on yourself you discover the true magic. 

After a while the right, creative side of your brain will subtely take over the writing process and what flows onto the page can be as much of a surprise to you as to anyone.


Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself.

Pick up a pen or pencil and a piece of paper or a notebook and start writing. When you think you can’t write anymore and you have written all your need to write today push yourself to keep writing, just a few more sentences. Even if you have to repeat the words that you write until new ones replace them, keep writing. What happens next is truly incredible. You will reaslise that you are suddenly writing more and more and that you are writing things which you didn’t even realise were true until they spilled onto the page. 

Honestly, give it a go.

Kate writing

By using this technique you can work through things that have been upsetting you or find solutions to problems. You can understand better why someone has upset you or what is holding you back. 

With the right guidance writing can be an incredibly powerful therapy. It can help you heal and move on from traumatic experiences and help you realise your dreams.

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