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I love to write

I love writing on a range of topics and sharing my learnings and aha moments with you. I have arranged all my articles and resources by topic to make it super easy for you to find exactly what you need to to enable you to be the hero of your own story. 

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Are you a Word Witch?

Are you a witch?  This might seem like a controversial question, and your reaction will very much depend upon your upbringing and belief system. Over the years we have been lead to believe that witches are evil, that they dabble with devil worship, or worse, and they...

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National Storytelling Week

National Storytelling WeekNext Monday (30th January 2023) sees the start of National Storytelling Week, a week devoted to celebrating the art of story telling. Children in schools will focus on stories and do lessons around key stories and people of all walks of life...

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Journal All The Way!

Christmas can be a stressful time of year... There are so many pressures from outside forces, whether that is social media, family, friends, the media generally, to create the perfect Hallmark worthy Christmas. We increasingly feel the pressure to have the perfect...

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